The Foundation’s objectives

The Gertrude Hirzel Foundation provides support for projects focusing on children, their schooling, well-being, health, and living environment.


Constructing school buildings and infrastructure, including sanitary facilities including access to water, latrines, electrical installations, and much more.
(Access to water, latrines, electrical installations)

School supplies, including training material for children living in vulnerable situations

Construction and support for shelters and hostels providing accommodation for disadvantaged schoolchildren


Construction of buildings and medical infrastructure promoting access to health care, in particular for women and children, including latrines, electrical installations, and the like.

Construction of and support for shelters and homes accommodating disadvantaged, at-risk or disabled children and victims of violence,
including sexual abuse.

Improvement of hygiene conditions with regard to access to water, wells, and latrines, as well as training and awareness-raising on hygiene.

Medical supplies and equipment

Support for projects combating Noma,
as well as those related to hearing and visual disorders.

Action Musical Instruments

In keeping with the founders’ wishes, each year the Foundation finances the purchase of musical instruments for disadvantaged youth by the Conservatoire populaire de musique, danse, et théâtre (CPMDT), in Geneva.