Request for support

Project requests must be submitted by organisations having a real representation in Switzerland, with registered articles of association and a bank account.

The projects must be located outside Switzerland and correspond to documented needs. Responses to these requirements must be clearly articulated.

The Hirzel Foundation has a clear preference for medium-sized projects, conducted in a way that respects local needs and customs of developing countries.

The Foundation pays particular attention to the sustainability of the project. Its long-term viability must be carefully thought out and ensured beyond the Foundation’s and other donors’ intervention, in order to empower local actors.

The Foundation encourages applicants to seek co-financing contributions. It favours projects that receive financial support from a variety of donors.

In principle, the Foundation is not prepared to make multi-year commitments. Subsequent support may be possible; however, it will be subject to a further review and a new decision.

Please note that the project must be complete, clearly presented, and well summarised. Having an overabundance of documentation and annexes is not necessarily an argument in favour of the project, if they are not relevant. Pictures and illustrations are most welcome.

Examination and follow-up of projects

The Foundation will only acknowledge receipt of applications that meet its criteria for support. The funding decision shall be communicated in writing. No reasons are given for refusal. Applications are reviewed three times a year, in March, June, and November.

Please make the request for support in french and have your documents translated into french.

For the March 2024 session, applications must be received by 16.02.2024 to be taken into consideration.

Dossiers should be sent via the submission procedure indicated below.

Projects must be accompanied by a documented final report and a financial report showing the use of the funds to be allocated by the Foundation.

Correspondence will be made by e-mail.


1. Download the form in Word format:

2. Fill in the Word format form. Save it.

3. Please use the form below to send us the Word form and all the documents relating to your project in french.

Submission form